MED AI aims to foster a truly collaborative environment. All team members are expected to contribute and participate in meaningful ways as we seek to discover novel approaches utilizing technology to diagnose better and treat patients.

Women in STEM – particularly early in their careers - and minorities are encouraged to apply


We value long-term partnerships and create a trusting environment for all to succeed.  We always seek great people (B.Eng./Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D., students, interns, and post-doctoral fellows). Convince us about what makes you stand out from other potential applicants: 

  • Rigorous, innovative, and technologically-savvy
  • Eager to achieve lofty goals
  • Proof of academic success 
  • Expertise in coding
  • Well-versed in one or more aspects of neuroscience and neuroimaging
  • Resilient to the hard, brutal, and sometimes soul-crushing nature of academia
  • Stand a great chance of getting funding
  • Have a clear plan for future